The Sawyer Family of Smithville, Texas

Chief Dragging Canoe, Greatest Cherokee Chief in History

Sawyer Family History
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Various Sawyer Documents
The Sawyer Tombstone Page
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Robert Sawyer Descendants Tree
The Generations of Sawyer Descendants
My Camden, N.C. Sawyer Relatives
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The Rice Family Page
Mary Dyer, Rebel Quaker and Religious Martyr
Archibald Dyer Descendants
John Gillian of Walker County, Georgia Descendants
Mark S. Miller of Saline County, Arkansas, my 2nd Great Grandfather
The Brazil Ancestors of Arkansas and Texas
Descendants of Chief Dragging Canoe
Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Rock Descendants
Katherine Hepburn, my 9th Cousin
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, my 9th Cousin
Salem Witch Hanging of Rebecca Nurse

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Chief Dragging Canoe 1734-1792
Chief Dragging Canoe is my 6th Great Grandfather


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The Flag of the Cherokee Nation


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Painting depicting Chief Dragging Canoe

Matilda Jane Allen, Great Granddaughter of Dragging Canoe