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On this page we'll introduce ourselves in words and pictures.

The Daniel Arthur Sawyer Family of Smithville, Tx

My Grandparents
Martin Van Buren Sawyer and Sarah E. Shelton Sawyer

The Sawyer family of Robert Sawyer came to Smithville, Texas from Claiborne Parish, Louisiana in the Mid-1800's. They were farmers and lived off the land and used the excess to buy things they could not grow. My Great Grandparents, Daniel Arthur Sawyer and Oregon Cordelia Miller were married on New Years Day in 1873 and lived on the Sawyer Home Place until they grew old and died. My Grandparents moved to Jefferson County, Texas several years after they were married. My Father was born in Smithville, Texas almost one year after their marriage.

Link to Sawyer Death Certificates

This is My Grandmother, Sarah E. Tishie Shelton

This is My Grandfather, Martin Van Buren Sawyer

This is My Dad's Baby Picture

This is My Baby Picture

These are My Parents when a Newly Wedded Couple

This is Momma and Me

This is my Daddy's Brother, Aubrey Odell Sawyer
His nickname was "Tom" to all who knew him!

This is the old homeplace in Smithville, Texas

The old homeplace in Smithville as it looks today
Today it is the 3-D Ranch

Cemetery Lake on the old homeplace in Smithville
This lake is overlooked by the Sawyer Cemetery

Martin Arthur Sawyer and wife, Martha Koniec
These are my parents in their senior years

This is My Grandparent's Home in Beaumont, Texas
I took this picture after the snow of 1960.

Grandma and Grandpa at Galeveston
Left to right : Aubrey, Grandma, Daddy, Aunt Nancy, and Grandpa in Back

These are my other Grandparents, Mother's Parents

This is Momma's Daddy, Johann Koniec at 65

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